Crushed Season 3 Release Date - Everything That We Know So Far

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Crushed Season 3 is the most awaited sequel of the Crushed web series which is now finally coming. The release date is still not confirmed but you can get the idea when it is coming on Mini TV. It has received over 8.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb which shows the viewers have liked it.

Also, the makers have confirmed that the upcoming part is coming and there is some hidden announcement too which has increased the excitement for this series. It first came in 2022 on Amazon Mini TV and all the episodes were free. The viewers liked the first part but due to the elimination of Sam in the next part, viewers gave it bad ratings and didn't like it much.

Crushed Season 3 Is Coming or Not?

Crushed Season 3

The creators have confirmed that the third part is finally coming and you will again be able to enjoy your favourite series. Currently, they are working on its post-production work, so there will be some delay in the comeback of the series.

The second part was not that good and viewers also didn't give it positive reviews, so the makers have come up with a new idea of working on the mistake that they made in the last part.

When is the Expected Release Date?

Now, it is confirmed that the next part is coming and that too with the previously eliminated cast. According to the latest leaks, the series will come in September 2024 because it is in post-production work currently. The premiere date is confirmed to be Mid of the year 2024 and to be specific, it might come in September.

Is Samvidhan Coming in New Episodes?

In the last part of Crushed web series, Sam was removed from the show and he was not in a single episode. Because of that, many viewers left the complete series in between and gave many negative reviews. Also, the "No Sam, No Crushed" slogan started spreading.

So, Samvidhan is confirmed to do their entry in season 3 with their character. That is why, everyone is so excited to see him again on the screens.

Who will be the Actors in S3?

The people who played their roles in the series are good and have worked in many series earlier. In the next part, Naman Jain is back in his role of Prateek, Aadhya Anand will play the character of Aadhya. Rudhraksh Jaiswal will be seen as Sam again, Urvi Singh will play her character of Jasmine, and Arjun Deswal will be seen as Sahil.

Cast of Crushed S3

Also, Anupriya Caroli will play the role of Zoya, Op Jangid as Friend, Sachin Singh as Rajat, and Shubham Pandey as Ashok Sir. Narendra Panjwani as Father Lawrence, and Manisha Mehra will be seen as Farah Maam. Currently, these casts are fixed for the next part, if there is some change, then we will update here again.

  • Naman Jain as Prateek
  • Aadhya Anand as Aadhya
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Sam
  • Urvi Singh as Jasmine
  • Arjun Deswal as Sahil
  • Anupriya Caroli as Zoya
  • Op Jangid as Friend
  • Sachin Singh as Rajat
  • Shubham Pandey as Ashok Sir
  • Narendra Panjwani as Father Lawrence
  • Manisha Mehra as Farah Maam
  • Chirag Katrecha as Samarth
  • Siddhant Raj Tripathi as Tanmay
  • Ashok Lal as Jagga Peon
  • Divyansh Mishra as Jitesh
  • Uday Singh as Madhur
  • Preethi Singh as Vandita


Crushed season 3 is now finally released on the platform and available to watch on Mini TV and on Filmywap official platform. As we get more news on the sequel of this, then we will update them here, so you should keep visiting this page again and again.


When Will Crushed Season 3 Release?

Crushed S3 will come in September 2024 according to a recent announcement.

Will Sam Return in Crushed Season 3?

Yes, Sam will return in the third season as it is confirmed by the makers.

Is Shooting for the series started?

The makers have not announced any details on its shooting at this time.

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